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You have the right to cancel your agreement for a program of instruction, without any penalty or obligations, obtain a refund of all amount paid, if notice of cancellation is given to the school before midnight of following the first day means a day on which the student is scheduled to attend a class session canceled this agreement and obtain a refund by giving written notice to the school at the address written on first page of this agreement the student may do this by mail, properly addressed with postage prepaid keep a record of the date, time, and place or mailing any notice of cancellation.

You may withdraw from the school at any time after the cancellation period (described above) and receive a refund of tuition and amounts paid for equipment withdraws from the program of instruction after the expiration date of time for canceling the program in 5 business days from the date of enrollment, the student is obligated to pay for any equipment not returned, plus a non-refundable registration fee of $250.00 student enrolls in a 48 hour program and withdraws after receiving 15 hours of instruction paid a $ 250.00 registration fee and for an example if $ 2800.00 tuition, the school would deduct the $ 250.00 registration amount received, divide the remaining $ 2550.00 by the number of hours in the program multiply that hourly amount times the number of hours received by the students ( 15 hrs × 59 = 885 paid) in excess of that amount would be the amount of the refund.1 $ 2550-885 =$ 1665) in addition, the refund would include any amount paid for equipment which is subsequent in condition.

The Institution shall pay or credit refunds within 45 days of the cancellation or withdrawal notice received by the institution. Amount paid by the card will be credited back to the same card (additional charges may apply).


- Training Area Speed Limit Is 5 MPH Do not Drive fast, we are not reliable for any damages.

- No visitors are allowed in the Training Area, NEW LEGEND SCHOOL is not reliable for any damage.

- Tuition fee needs to be paid in full before the Road Training in order to complete the course.

- School has Zero - Tolerance Policies means we reserve right to expel any student who causes any harm to others, or use any racial slurs, discrimination, sexual harassment.

- Students are reliable to check in/ out everyday on the sign in sheet provided on day 1 at school to keep a track of their hours.

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